Conference Presentations

“Are Muselmänner Human? A Literary Perspective.”  MLA, Seattle (January 2020).

“Imagining the Perpetrator: Mechanisms of Defense and Narrative Authority in David Grossman’s See
    Under: Love
.” Lesson & Legacies of the Holocaust, St. Louis (November 2018).

“Home, Horror, and Holocaust in the Fiction of Savyon Liebrecht.”  Northeast Modern Language 
        Association (NeMLA), Pittsburgh (March 2018).
“How should we Teach ET?” [in Hebrew] National Association of Professors of Hebrew Conference
      (NAPH), New York (June 2017).

“Resisting the Other Planet: Amidah Yehudit in the Literary Testimony of Ka-Tzetnik
   135633.” Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference (AJS), San-Diego (December 2016).
“The Hebrew Bible in Israeli and American Culture.” National Association of Professors of
     Hebrew Conference (NAPH), Memphis (June 2015). Panel Organizer.
 “Egon Bruner, a Nazi and the Jews: A. B. Yehoshua's Mr. Mani and Israeli Holocaust Fiction of
   the Second Generation.” AJS, Baltimore (December 2014).
 “Grossman’s Humanizing Heritage in Israeli Holocaust Fiction.” AJS, Boston (December 2013).
“Ha-Talush in New York: Teaching Y. D. Berkowitz’s ‘Cut Off’ as Jewish-American
   Literature.” NAPH, New York (June 2013).
 “The Poetics of the Other Planet.” Conference on Ka-Tzetnik: Israel’s First Holocaust Novelist.
     University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada (March 2013).
 “Ka-Tzetnik’s Literary Testimony: Between Fact and Fiction.” Modern Language Association
   Annual Convention (MLA), Boston (January 2013).
 “Hebrew Speaking Nazis: The Ethics of (intra-textual) Translation in Holocaust Fiction.” MLA,
   Seattle (January 2012).
“When Demons are Humanized: The Representation of Holocaust Perpetrators in Israeli
   Fiction.” AJS, Washington DC (December 2011).
“The Limits of Holocaust Representation in the fiction of the 1948 Generation.” NAPH, College
   Park (June 2011).
“Historical Material as Narrative Device in Holocaust Fiction.” American Comparative
     Literature Association Annual Conference (ACLA), Vancouver, Canada (April 2011).
“’Speaking Jewish’: Mimesis and Dialogue in the Language of Early American-Jewish Fiction.”
   Western Jewish Studies Association (WJSA), Portland (March 2007).